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Christmas 2014

Whitley Bay
December 2014

Sometimes, these missives write themselves! Annemarie’s high point for 2014 was booking her trip to visit the Vaughans in New Zealand in February 2015 – so guess what next year’s highlight will be 😉
Tussles with the property market have featured this year – or rather, haven’t featured as much as we would like! The Beldon ancestral estate in North Shields finally went to a new owner in November, after 18 months on the market. We hope the new family have many years of happiness there.
As a result, there have been a few changes in our automotive inventory. Gerry’s C5, at 11 years old and 205,000 miles on the clock, has retired, to be replaced by a sleek, black, younger version, and Annemarie has also come back to Citroen, after a brief flirtation with the Scandinavians.
Patrick – Dr Beldon, following the completion of his PhD this year – has disappeared off to McGill University in Montreal, to continue his pursuit of tiny particles that do amazing things. He seems to be settling in well, and has already attended a couple of French Ceilidhs…
Samuel is currently in gainful employment, while taking a year out from Teacher Training. He still lives in Stockton, so we see him fairly frequently. He seems to be working long hours, so not so much of the music for him at the moment, though he manages a bit of a social life 😉
Áine is in the final stretch of her English Literature degree in Lancaster, and still enjoying it! No clue what she’ll be doing next year, but we’re sure she’ll think of something! The walks to and from Uni have kept her fit, even in the inherent dampness over there on the wrong side of the Pennines.
Annemarie’s Maternity Unit is getting ready to move to a new Hospital in June next year. Understandably, there are one or two anxieties about, as the teams from Wansbeck and North Tyneside combine. So, just because we don’t have enough stress in our lives, we have decided to organize a Ball to mark the changes. If you’re currently looking to invest your money, Valium shares are looking pretty good right now…
Gerry’s events in the Dome took a big step up this year, with a 10-day festival of music, dance and drama in July. It all went remarkably well, and marked the closure of the Spanish City Dome for its long-awaited refurb. Meanwhile, plans are in hand for an even bigger festival outside the Dome in Summer 2015!
Following the sale of Mum’s house, there was, of course, an important removal job to be done – Gerry’s sister, Maureen, needed her piano taken from North Shields to Ecoche – that’s roughly in the middle of nowhere, about 70 miles north west of Lyon. The intrepid Beldons hired a big van, which was loaded to the gunwales with the piano and countless other items which “might come in handy one day” and drove down, via Le Shuttle. A very pleasant interlude, with a couple of days staying with the Bocquets, tarnished only by the worst hotel in England on the way down, and some dreadful roadworks on the way back.
On the other hand, turning up at Leicester Forest services at silly o’clock in the morning, we ended up with a far nicer room than we’d have paid for if we’d had time to think about it, so not all bad 😉
Wishing you every blessing, peace and happiness for the coming year.
Gerry, Annemarie, Patrick, Samuel & Áine